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Chirping Ball™ Cat Toy
Chirping Ball™ Cat Toy
adorablycatz-Chirping Ball™ Cat Toy-all colors

Chirping Ball™ Cat Toy

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Want To Keep Your Cat Entertained For Hours?

 The FIRST Ball Toy That Makes Realistic Animal Sounds! (Patent Pending)

 Hours of Fun and Exercise! You can enjoy watching your cat spend hours chasing, pouncing, and batting at the ball while it playfully calls to him.

 The chirping is awesomely realistic and pretty quiet. 

 The improved technology is so sensitive it can be triggered by a cat touching it! Cats think it’s actually ALIVE!

 Your cat is gleefully keeping busy and staying out of trouble while you’re not home. 

 Sturdy Build for Long-Lasting Fun! Each Chirping Ball™ May Chirp About 10,000 Times.

Cats LOVE IT & it's Also Super FUN For ALL the Family Members Because of the Realistic Chirping Sounds!  

>> NOT Sold in Pet Stores! <<